The State of Texas Carry Laws and Frequently Asked Question

Applicants for an original (first-time) LTC should submit an online application, and schedule an appointment for fingerprinting. Applicants must also complete four to six hours of online or classroom training, pass a written examination and pass a proficiency demonstration (shooting unless exempt).

For detailed information regarding training requirements and to locate a certified LTC instructor, see Training Requirements.

An applicant may attend LTC classroom training and demonstrate handgun proficiency (shooting) with a Texas Qualified LTC Instructor, or

An applicant may receive LTC online training (classroom only) through an Approved Online Course Provider who has been approved in Texas. After, successfully passing the online classroom portion, an applicant must attend 1-2 hours of range instruction class and demonstrate handgun proficiency (shooting) with a Texas Qualified LTC Instructor.

Yes, if you have successfully completed your online classroom only training with an Approved Online Course provider, you will receive an Online/Handgun Proficiency Training (LTC 101) form; however, you must take the LTC 101 form to a Qualified LTC Instructor to complete your handgun proficiency training.

DPS will make every effort to issue your license within 60 days of receiving the completed application packet. If the application is incomplete or requires additional information to complete the background check, you will be notified in writing.

Initial licenses are valid for four years. Renewal licenses are valid for five years.

You can begin carrying your handgun upon receipt of the physical license.

Texas law does not address the number of handguns a license holder may carry.

Information on individuals who are licensed to carry a concealed handgun is confidential and not subject to requests under the Public Information Act. However, DPS may release information about a concealed handgun licensee to criminal justice agencies for law enforcement purposes.

Some instructors may require you to use your own gun during the proficiency (shooting) demonstration. However, others may provide the gun and/or ammunition. You will need to consult with a certified instructor to determine if you will need a handgun for the course.

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